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Kaya, 10x10, acrylic on wood, Nov4.09
Big Crow, 24 x 36, oil on wood, 2012
Reindeer, oil on wood, 2012
Angus Sleeping Like a Kitten, 6x6. oil on wood
Angus in the forest I,  9X12, oil on wood, October 29/11
Angus in the forest,  9X12, oil on wood, October 28/11
Angus in the autumn,  9X12, oil on wood, October 27/11
Claira recovering after being spayed,  6X12, ink on paper, October 26/11
Good studio Angus, 8x10, oil on wood, October 14/11
Bad Betty sometimes II, 8x10, watercolour + ink,  Au 511
Bad Betty sometimes, 8x10, watercolour + ink,  Au 2/11
Angus playing on the Mountain, 10x10, oil on wood, incised,  March 12/11
Angus wondering when the snow will end, 9x9,oil on wood, incised, March 10/11
One happy Angus,  9x9, oil on wood, March 9/11
Blue snow, honest + Angus,  8x8, watercolour, Feb 24/11
Angus, contemplation, oil on wood, incised, 9x12, Feb 16/11
Snow snow + more snow with Angus, oil on wood, incised, 9x19, Feb 17/11
Angus being Angus, oil on wood, incised, 9x9, Feb 12/11
Angus being Angus I, oil on wood, incised, 9x9, Feb 13/11
Angus, looking for squirrels, oil on wood, 10x10,Jan 15/11
 Montreal Crow, 7x10, watercolour, Sep 19/10
 Vancouver Crow, 7x10, watercolour, Sep 18/10
 Three Legged Calgary Hare,  7x10, watercolourAugust 12/10
Angus watching me paint in the backyard,  7x10, watercolour August 2/10
Angus in Verdun, oil on wood, 12x16, July 20/10
 Happy Birthday Angus,  oil on wood, 8x8, July 17/10
Angus by the geraniums, watercolour, July 5/10
Angus by the hydrangeas, watercolour, July 4.10
Angus, The Swimmer,12x12 acylic  on wood, June 2/10
Angus  in the Wilds of Ontario  5x6, watercolour, Caruthers paper, May 27/10
Snow Angels 8x8, watercolour, Feb23/10
The little bird that couldn't fly, watercolour, 8x10 Feb 16/10
 Angus, dreaming of snow,  8x8, Feb 12/10
 Angus sees a squirrel, watercolour, 8x8, Feb 13/10
 Angus bulked up for the winter,  8x8, Feb 11/10
Angus sur l'herbe, 8x8, watercolour Jan 9/10
 Two who stayed behind,   8x8, acrylic on wood, incised Jan 3.10
A crow in the snow, 8x8, acrylic on wood (incised)   Dec 28.09
Christmas painting, 8x8, acrylic on wood, Dec 15.09
Kaya, Angus's friend, 10x10, acrylic on wood, Nov 8/09
Angus doing his intelligent ape face,  10x10, acrylic on wood, Nov3.09
Angus's favorite time of the year, 12x12 acyrlic on linen canvas, Oct 25.09
Angus imitating a Loon, Sept 4/09 ,8x8, watercolour
Watching Ollie slurp milk  5.5 x 8.5 watercolour August 19.09
Angus playing with toy,  5.5 x 8.5watercolour August 18.09
Holding paws with my good dog while I work,watercolour  8x8 July 26.09
Wesley the Owl, watercolour, 9x12 July 23.09
Seeing wild animals in the wild, 8x8, watercolour, July 14.09
Happy Angus swimming  8x8, watercolour, July 15.09
Hares not everwhere but here + there,  watercolour 8x8, July 5.09