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Little Purple Provigo African VIolet, 2015, 8x8", oil on wood panel
Provigo African Violets III,8"x8", acrylic on wood panel, 2015
Provigo African Violets, acrylic on wood panel, 2015
Provigo African Violets II,8"x8", acrylic on wood panel, 2015
Ameryllis, acrylic and oil on canvas, 30 x 40, 2004  NFS
watercolour, November 26/11
joy#321 of peace  8x8, watercolour, Nov 11/11
A birthday flower blooming  8x10, watercolour, July 26/11
Wild things growing on the mountain, 8x10, watercolour July19/11
A little basil plant watercolour, July 15/11
Suddenly flowers everywhere,  9x9,watercolour, May 28/11
The first rose in bloom in the rain, 9x9,watercolour, May 27/11
Provigo hyacinths, in acrylics, 8x10, acrylic, March 4/11
The last three Christmas amarylli bloom, watercolour 8x8, Jan 6/11
 The Little Christmas Cactus Next Door, 8x8, watercolour Dec 30/10
 New Amaryllis II ,8x8, watercolour Dec 21/10
New Amaryllis I ,8x8, watercolour Dec 20/10
Thanksgiving Roses Aerial View, 7x10, ink +watercolour, Oct 16/10
Red Vase Red Vase, 8x8, watercolour, Oct4/10
 Really really hot peppers from Jean Talon Market, watercolour, 8x8. Oct 2/10
 Yellow Flowers in the Tall Pot, 18x30 oil on canvas,  Sep 25/10
 Roma Tomatoes, 9x10, watercolour, Sep 13/10
Calgary Flowerpot, 7x9, watercolour, August 17/10
2 Basil Plants, 9x12 oil on wood August 9/10
Garlic greens, 7x10, watercolour August 7/10
Two basil plants,  7x10, watercolour August 3/10
Faceflower, oil on wood, 12x12, July 23/10
BlueVase BlueVase, oil on wood, 10x10, July 15/10
Blue Vase, 10x10, July 13/10
 Flowers going wild, oil on wood, 10x10, July 14/10
Two yellows and purple, oil on wood, 10x10, July 16/10
Hydrangeas watercolour, July 7/10
Gerbera from Provigo,July2/10
 Roses on a Grey Day, 8x8, oil on wood, June 29/10
Roses From the Garden in the Gravy Pitcher,  oil on wood, 12x12, June 22/10
Violets From Africa I, oil on wood, 12x12, June 23/10
 Cana lily I,  7.4x 7.4,  watercolour, June 7/10
 Orange flower I can't remember name of, that finally bloomed  10x10, watercolour
 Violets from Africa, 10x10, oil on wood, June 3/10
A Canadian Rose that made it through the winter,  12x12, oil on canvas, June 4/10
Geraniums 5x12 June 30/10
Amaryllis II, 10x10, acrylic on wood, incised, Feb 28/10
Amaryllis I, 10x10, acrylic on wood, Feb 27/10
Amaryllis, 10x10, acrylic on wood, Feb 26/10
Thinking of Spring, 4x6, watercolour, arches paper, Feb1/10
Summer leftovers in the snow,  8x8, watercolour Jan 10/10
Old school poinsettia, 12x12, watercolour, Dec 23.09
Fruition, 12x12 watercolour, Dec 20.09
The eagle is landing, 8x8, watercolour, Dec 18.09
Painting the last Christmas cactus painting this year,  8x8, Dec 14.09