> Good TImes

Boarder Baby, oil on wood, 2004
Split Blue, oil on canvas, 48x60, 2004
Junkie's car, acrylic on canvas, 24x30", 2005
The Big PInk, oil on canvas,48x60,  2005
blacksplit, oil on canvas, 48 x 60", 2005
Pink Burbs, oil on arches paper, 2005, 22x15"
Red Burbs, oil on canvas, 48x60, 2005
Das Boat is Full, oil on canvas, 24"x36", 2005 NFS
Boat Ride, 30"x24"x1 3/4", acrylic on wood, 2006 NFS
Snow Bunnies, 20" x41",  oil on wood, 2006
Doctor and Son, acrylic + oil on panel, 20x41", 2005
The Pearls, acrylic + oil on wood, 16x16", 2005
 Coming Out, acrylic + oil on wood, 24x24 x1/3/4", 2006
Dad, oil on canvas, 2007, 24"x36" NFS
Me, oil on canvas, 2007, 24"x36" NFS
Mom, oil on canvas, 2007, 24"x36"
Swiss Family Rey, oil on canvas, 2007
Bear Country, oil on canvas, 24"x36", 2005
The Twins, oil +acrylic on wood, 2007
Scout, oil on canvas, 24,x30, 2004
David's First Skis, 32x32", oil on wood, incised,  2008 (NFS)
Keira's Dress, this year at the Oscars a Pink Jewel, Feb 24/09
Doctor at the Dude Ranch, 24x30",  oil on wood, 2011
The Birthday Party,18x24, oil on canvas, 2005 (Unavailable)
 Sailor Man, 18x24, acrylic on canvas, 1990 (Unavailable)
David Graham Preston  12x12 oil on wood, June 2010 (NFS)
On the Beach, oil on wood, 2012
Friends I, 10x12, oil on canvas, 2012
Friends, 10x12, oil on canvas, 2012
On the Way Back from Disneyland, oil on canvas, 2012
Two Joans + a Tammy, oil on canvas, 2012
BB, oil on canvas, 2006
Golliwog Girl, Acrylic + oil on wood,  20x41", 2005 SOLD