> Portraits/figures

Avi, oil on wood, 10x12, 2012 (Passport series)
DOROTA, 10x12 oil on wood, 2012, (Passport series)
HELENE, oil on wood, 2012 (Passport series)
ROBBIE, oil on wood, 2012 (Passport series)
ESME, oil on wood, 12x12, 2012 (Passport series)
Rob, oil on wood, 2012 (Passport series)
Natasha, oil on canvas, 2012 (Passport series)
LUCY, oil on canvas, 2012 (Passport series)
Happy Robbie Burns Day, 10x10, oil on canvas paper, Jan25/12
"Edith in 1983ish",oil on wood, 2012 (Passport series)
Lisa, 12x12, oil on wood, 2012 (Passport series)
The dancer, 8x10, watercolour, Dec12/11
Red hair, 8x10, watercolour, Dec 7/11
Live model Monday, 8x10. watercolour, Dec 5/11
Baby Lisa S.,  8x,8 watercolour, Dec 4/11
Me, 12ish, 8x8 watercolour, Dec 3/11
Big Brother 8x10 watercolour, Sept 7/11
Anderson Cooper,  8x8, watercolour, Sept 2/11
John P,  9x12,  oil on canvas Au22/11 SOLD
Em, 12x12,  oil on canvas Au13/11 NFS
joy#184, of monochromes, 8x8, watercolour, July 2/2011
Kate M. in Canada, 8x8, watercolour, July 1/2011
Kate M.,  Canada II, 8x8 watercolour, July 5/11
Kate M. in Canada I, 8x8, watercolour, July 6/11
Smile, 10x10, watercolour, June 24/11
Grandfather who died before I was born, 8x8,watercolour
 S (at Jean Talon Market)  8x8, watercolour, June 13/11
Z  (doing lunch at Pick-Up Dep) 9x12, watercolour, June 12/
Emily,  7.5x11, watercolour, June 7/11
Emily I,  7.5x11, ink, June 6/11
Studying a master, 7.5x11, watercolour, June 4/11
Struggle, ha.  9x9,watercolour, May 29/11
Oprah,  9x9,watercolour, May 26/11
Anna, 10x10, oil on wood, May 25/11 SOLD
 Bob Dylan, 8x8, watercolour, May 24/11
Something From 33 years ago, 8x10, pencil crayon NFS
Me, oil on wood, 8x8 June 24/10 NFS
Dr. Frederick Charles Preston 1908-1972, 10x10 oil on wood, June 19/1
 David, Then oil on wood, 10x10, June 21/10 NFS
Ode to Fathers, Gottlieb Rey, 1899-1947, 8x8, watercolour June 16/10
 Ode to Fathers, John Wesley Preston (1876-1968)  8x8, watercolour June 15/10
Portrait of Terry in the 80's,18x24, gouache on paper, June 10/10
D, Trudeau Airport,  16x16, oil on wood, 2006
 D, listening to a Scorcese interview, 8x8, watercolour, Jan 23/10
 Z Study I, 12x12  watercolour, Jan 22/10
Z Study, 12x12  watercolour, Jan 21/10
Painting the last painting of 2009 in + of my new socks, 8x8, Dec 31.09
Young children in the Christmas house,  7x10. pencil, watercolour,  Dec 27.09
joy #90 of a young girl with a pearl earring, oil on canvas, April 1, 2009
 Barbie.  Happy 50th, Doll,  8x8, watercolour  March 12, 2009
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