> Land + Water

Wintertrees #21, 16x16x1.75", oil on carved wood, 2007
MR, oil on  gouged wood, 24x24, 2012
MR, oil on  gouged wood, 24x24, 2012
MR, oil on  gouged wood, 24x24, 2012
Mount Royal Overlook, oil on  gouged wood, 31 x48 ", 2013
Rockies, Alberta,  9 x 9 3/4, watercolour, 2008
Banff, 8x8, watercolour on arches paper on stretcher, 2008
Mount Royal near Angel, oil on gouged wood, 30x30", 2012
 When there were leaves II ,18x18 oil on wood, Dec 30/11
 When there were leaves I ,18x18 oil on wood, Dec 29/11
 When there were leaves,18x18 oil on wood, Dec 28/11
Snow, peace, family, Buddha Board, December 25/11
The modern world, (Mount Royal)  8x10, digital, Dec 9/11
The forest this morning, (Mount Royal)  9x12, watercolour October 9/11
Serious Autumn, 24x24, oil on wood,  October 6/11
Sunset in the Laurentians,  12x16, oil on masonite, Sept 24/11
Laurentians in September, watercolour, Sept 17/11
 Laurentians in September, watercolour, Sept 16/112
Laurentians in September III, 7x9,watercolour, Sept 21/11
 Laurentians in September II, 7x9,watercolour, Sept 20/11
 Laurentians in September I, 7x9,watercolour, Sept 19/11
 Laurentians in September, watercolour, Sept 18/11
Lake McDonald at night,  9x10, watercolour, Au 6/11
Cool lakewater, 8x10, watercolour, July 21/11
Lake McDonald dusk, 8x10, watercolour, July 11/11
 Lake McDonald afternoon, 8x10, watercolour, July 13/11
Lake McDonald dusk I, 8x10, watercolour, July 12/11
Lake McDonald reflected, 8x8, July 7/11
Lake McDonald in the morning, 10x8, watercolour, July 8/11
A slice of McDonald Lake, 8x8, watercolour, July 9/10
The first day of summer, 8x8 watercolour, June 21/11
joy#170, of Lake McDonald II, Laurentians,  8x8,watercolour, June 18/11
 Lake McDonald, Laurentians,  8x8,watercolour, June 16/11
 Lake McDonald I, Laurentians,  8x8,watercolour, June 17/11
West coast, watercolour, 20122
Islands from an Island, watercolour, 2011
Island from the islands, watercolour, 2011
Islands from an island, 8x11, April 16/11
The Anselm Kiefer time of the year II, oil on wood (incised)10x10, April 4/10
The Anselm Kiefer time of the year I, oil on wood (incised)10x10, April 3/10
The Anselm Kiefer time of the year, oil on wood (incised)10x10, April 2/10
The last bit of snow, going fast, oil on wood (incised)10x10, April 1/10
Snow + more snow,  8x8,watercolour, March 23/11
Still more snow + more snow,  8x8,watercolour, March 24/11
joy#77 of the night city in the last snow,  8x8, watercolour, March 18/11
Crazy Montreal weather,  8x8 watercolour, March 6/11
Just another snowy day in Montreal, 10x12, watercolour March 11/11
 Mount Royal entrance to the Parkwatercolour, 8x8, Dec 28/10
 Christmas on Mount Royal, 8x8, watercolour Dec 25/10